Is Who I am Enough?

By Jimmy Warden

It’s such a crazy question we ask
When we ask ourselves, “Who Am I?”
Because you will never get a full answer.
We never know what our potential is,
Until we die.

Potential is met or perhaps not
Based on decisions that were made
Living the latter would be a damn shame.
Just thinking to oneself as you’re about to die,
Will anyone remember my name?
Will my legacy live on?
Or merely burst into flames?

Did I just not do enough good?
So when people are asked about me
They’re forced to think long and hard,
And think of some dramatized story.

That’s why when we get caught up
In the triviality of life,
It’s hard to remember the true meaning
Of living a good life.

Did I help those around me?
Did I love those in my family?
Was I a good friend?
Did I help my community?
If so, how much?
Was it enough?
It’s a good thing it’s those exact people
Who ended up being that judge.

So be proud of what you do
No matter if you win today or lose
Because there will be another tomorrow
And your being is enough
That’s the damn truth.

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