The Fickleness of Flow

This post is all about the fickleness of flow state. In it, there is some insight about how challenging it can be to reach one of these states, the elements that are present while in this state, and some tools as to how to arrive there. If you've been wondering how to create more flow in your life, check this out!

What’s the Deal with Dopamine? Part 3: Correlations Between Creativity and Madness

This is part three of a three part series about dopamine. In this part, I discuss how dopamine influences how we perceive the world and how it influences creativity and madness. If you've been curious about why you perceive the world the way you do and why creativity is associated with madness, give this a read!

What’s the Deal with Dopamine? Part 2: Relationships

In part 2 of a 3 part series about dopamine, I discuss how dopamine influences the different relationships that we have in our lives. From romantic relationships, to friendships, and work relationships, dopamine plays a factor in how some of the events of these relationships play out. If you've ever been curious about why some of your relationships play out the way that they do, give this a read!